PITT BALM | The Deodorant

What is in PITT BALM?

PITT BALM deodoarnt is made from 100% natural organic ingredients. In fact there are just 6 ingredients. Nothing in our deodorant is harmful or artificial. No Parabens. No Aluminium. No Nasties AT ALL. Check out our full ingredients list

What size is the tin and how long does it last?

Each tin is 30g. As the balm is highly concentrated, a 30g tin should last you between 4-5 weeks.

Do you test on animals?

NO. We don’t test on animals, nor do we use raw materials that have been tested on animals.  The only animals we test our products on is our Founder and other team members.

Is PITT BALM vegan?

Yes all of our products are 100% vegan friendly?

Is PITT BALM safe to eat?

Probably not. PITT BALM is 100% natural and all of the ingredients on their own are food safe however we do not recommend that you spread it on your toast or anything like that. Let’s just keep it to the armpits for now.

I’m pretty smelly. Will PITT BALM work for me?

Short answer – Probably yes. We will say though that unfortunately there is not product that works for everybody. Our feedback is very high and we find it works excellent for 95% of people who try it. In few cases, customers have said that during the first few days using any PITT BALM, like any natural deodorant, their body needed to make adjustments. Some call this a ‘detox’ although we don’t generally like to use that term. During this time, you may not be rosie fresh as normal. Persevere though as this generally only lasts a day or so.

What’s the best way to apply PITT BALM?

Use your index finger to rub a pea-sized to chickpea-sized amount  into clean and dry armpits. In very cold weather, you may need to use the heat of your armpit to warm the balm slightly before rubbing it in.

How should I store PITT BALM?

As PITT BALM natural deorant doesn’t contain any fillers or waxes the best place to store it is in a nice cool dry place. In the summer, when temperatures are higher, you may notice a slight texture change. This is normal and wont affect the deodorant at all.

Will PITT BALM stain my clothes?

No. PITT BALM natural deodorant is made with a high quantity of natural ingredients including organic natural oils but it does rub in incredibly well.

If you rub the balm completely into your armpit, it will melt into your skin and wont not stain your clothing. Trust us, it feels lush.

Can I recycle the containers?

Yes. Please rinse them in warm water to remove any residue and then recycle them as you would a can of cola. You can also reuse the containers for other things to give them a second or third life.

Balms etc. | The Company

Who is Balms etc?

Balms etc. previously known as just PITT BALM is made up of a small team of young Londoners who are striving to change the way we think about deodorants and cosmetics overall.

Do you have any other products?

Yes. As well as our 100% natural deodorant products we now also offer BODD BALM which is a series of luxurious body butters and body lotions .

We’re also finalising our a new Deodorant range that contains no baking soda. This will be a deodorant product similar to our flagship product but just a little milder on the skin.

Testing is going well and hopefully it will be ready soon.

Will you sell other products?

YES. We are currently developing a few other products including a delicious body cream, a lip balm and a whole host of other treats. The ethos and aims will be the same throughout all of our product lines. Watch this space.

We would like to stock your products. How can we do that?

Amazing. We’d love to have you on board. All of the information is available on our trade page. Please get in touch.

Shopping & Refunds

Where can I buy PITT BALM?

You can purchase directly from our website shop. or your local zero-waste store

Where can I refill my PITT BALM?

The list of stores are being updated regularly. We have a handy little map that details almost all of our stores across the country. If your local store doesn’t stock our product please get in touch and let us know the name of the store and we’ll do the rest. Feel free to mention us to the store owners too. That always helps

I'm not fully satisfied. Do you offer refunds?

If you’ve had an issue with your deodorant or you’re not fully satisfied, please send an email to info@balmsetc.com to let us know. One of the team will be more than happy to discuss the options with you.